Here you can view the actual lab analyses on each of our unique products!  The COA for each product is also visible in the product pictures within each products appropriate page.

Awake CBD Tincture 1000mg

Awake CBD Tincture 2500mg

Relax CBD Tincture 2500mg

CBD Bath Bomb 200mg

CBD Lip Balm 100mg

CBD Lotion 2500mg

CBD Topical Salve 2500mg

CBD Pet Discomfort Tincture 300mg

CBD Pet Calming Tincture 300mg

 Delta 8 Dabs Starburst

Delta 8 Dabs Pina Colada

Delta 8 Dabs Peach Rose

Delta 8 Dabs Cool Mint

Delta 8 Dabs Cheesecake

Delta 8 Dabs Applejack